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Re: Pain 3 1/2 weeks in, getting discouraged :(

Thank you all so much for the advice and support! It really helps. And thank you for making me feel okay about using the shield if I need it. What set me off about the shield was that someone saw me using it and said "oh, so you are having problems". IDK if it is my postpartum emotional state, but her saying that made me feel like a failure every time I used it. Thanks so much for making me feel better.

Originally Posted by Bethan_77 View Post
My dd had a high palate, and I used a modified football hold that made all the difference for us. I'll explain it here in case it is helpful for you two, even if her palate is only slightly high.

I started by positioning her in a traditional football hold, but placed my hand behind her head and neck and raised her into a sitting upright position while still in a mostly football position. I often had pillows under her bum to raise her up a bit. From there I got a nice latch; the pressure was off my nipples a bit in the first time I nursed like that, then I started healing. My dd's mouth grew as she aged, and it got better. I also recall reading about asymmetrical latch--can anyone attest to that? Those first weeks were so hard, hang in there.
I tried this and it helped with the pain. Thank you!
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