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Re: maggie gyllenhaal

Originally Posted by bean3 View Post
See, I don't understand the big deal. She is a mom who BF her baby...who cares? Her being a "celebrity" does nothing for me. I will say I didn't really need to see her entire breast when she did it. I'll nurse like that at home, but not in public. They make plenty of shirts that offer a tad more discretion without being under a cover. Whatever...

The fact that it is getting attention here is very off-putting to me. I don't need a celebrity to validate my position or make me feel better about my choices. I don't care how other people choose to feed their babies. I'm just going to go about being me and feeding my kid the way I want to.

PS--Didn't even know she was a mom...go figure?!
I think that it's getting the attention here mostly b/c of the longies.
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