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Re: ~$5 Meal Ideas~

Here's two... humor me with the first one as it's an old Polish recipe for Bash (I don't know how to spell it in Polish, but that's how it sounds)

1) boil a Keilbasa ring in water
2) hard boil 6 eggs
3) boil 5 medium potatoes (or enough for mashed potatoes for your family)

*take the kielbasa out of water and slice to bite sized pieces
*add about 1-2 tbsp corn starch (or flour.. whatever you wish) to thicken boiled water-- not to gravy consitence, but just to thicken it a bit
* bring water to boil again and allow it to thicken. add salt, pepper and a dash of white vinegar

* mash up potatoes and cut up eggs to bite sized pieces
* toss eggs and kielbasa back into water and let it simmer for about 10 minutes
* put mashed potatoes into bowls and pour soup over mashed potatoes.

Cheaters version of tacos or enchiladas
Buy the Hamburger helper taco or enchilada version when it's on sale
Make according to directions
throw over frito chips or tortilla's
add lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, onions, and whatever else you like on tacos.

And talk to my kids about the popcorn for meals!

We also have "Fend for yourself nights" or "salad nights". The first is when I'm too dang lazy to have started dinner at a decent hour so everyone has to find a can of soup they want. The other is when I make a huge salad and that's dinner.
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