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Re: maggie gyllenhaal

I never said those who NIP like that have no respect for their bodies. Yes, I do go places where people have it pushed WAY up and WAY out (ever been to a Ren Faire?), but I choose not to look.

I won't nurse in my car for the comfort of others. I will be discreet when nursing in public, though. And, yes, my daughter was one who really LIKED to push my shirt up at one point, so I just encouraged her to put it back down. She also did not like the nursing coverups, and I never used one. Never needed it because we developed a system that did not cause overexposure.

I'm quite positive that no one even knew I was NIP when I did because you simply could not tell. DD was in her sling, and I had as much covered as possible. You don't need to have the entire breast exposed to gain access to the nipple.

I clearly stated that in our family it is extra skin; we try not to expose it to others, and we also try not to view it inappropriately. If we do ACCIDENTALLY, that is one thing. To flash it out for all to see when it is not necessary is another thing. Not hypocritical at all.
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