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Re: maggie gyllenhaal

Originally Posted by myajdw View Post
i'm the one that said it was hypocritical b/c she was saying that in her house boobs are just "extra skin" but that she thinks they should be covered up b/c she's teaching her children to be respectful and discreet. i think when you're teaching your children to be respectful of their bodies that you should teach them respect for a bfing mom whether she's feeding at hom or NIP HOWEVER b/c they're doing what the respected human body is made for. respect goes past the human body and onto other people......

i'm tired and i don't know if that made sense or not...hopefully it did
I never said that women nursing in public was not on the list of things they are to respect. They are taught, in general, to respect other people. However, this is MUCH easier to teach if the nursing mother is at least attempting to be discreet. It is respectful for a woman to use some discretion, and it is respectful for my family not to draw undue attention to the fact that they are NIP. Common sense. They are feeding their kid...period...I don't care if it is with a bottle or a breast. I would prefer my kids not to be flashed with the entire breast during the process. Again, you can access the nipple without exposing the entire upper torso in the process.

You do what you want...I will do what I want. I'm not on any crusade, and I don't insist people think like me. I also am not going to be devastated, heartbroken, or feel like a failure if I cannot nurse this baby. As long as I feed him, I'm happy.
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