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Re: maggie gyllenhaal

oh Janey Mack!
seriously its just a freaking BREAST!!!
modesty? discreet?
THAT is why so many women have such a hard time NIP because all they hear is "i dont have a problem with moms nursing, so long as they do it discreetely, and modestly" jeebus! i think MORE women should NIP with their entire breast exposed, maybe then we wouldnt be such a breast=sex culture!
the breasts PRIMARY function is to feed a child. covered, uncovered, its doing its job, and doing it well (look how content that baby looks ) screw "modesty" modesty is not showing your entire butt when wearing shorts. not trying to cover most of your breast for the comfort of OTHER PEOPLE.
if people dont want to see a whole breast when someone is nursing, they can look away!
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