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Re: Regarding selling/trading Franklin Goose credits

i was not aware of this when i agreed to take credits as payment. i was desperate for paypal, and had no takers, and when someone offered me credits i took them, b/c they have the item i was wanting to buy anyway. however, i ended up not being able to use the credits. i was originally told that it was done all the time and not a problem, and then told the opposite after placing the order. sometimes i feel overwhelmed by all the rules and i feel like i can't possibly keep up with everything. i think i'm a good person, and would never try to scam anyone, but i now find that i have "broken the rules" and been thoroughly punished for doing so.

just a reminder to all those who, like me, don't read stickys before each transaction takes place. i skimmed them when i first joined but don't have much time to keep up with all the changes all the time. i am totally bummed
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