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Re: Pain 3 1/2 weeks in, getting discouraged :(

Originally Posted by *~Melissa~* View Post
IDK if it is my postpartum emotional state, but her saying that made me feel like a failure every time I used it. Thanks so much for making me feel better.
mama...I had the same issues but when you see that she is getting a good meal with the shield, all your doubts disappear. Once your nipple pain subsides a bit, try starting a session with the shield and then taking it off half way through. This is exactly how I eventually got my LO to latch. She was mostly satiated so not ravenous and had the patience to endure several attempts at proper latching. One day, (around 5 weeks) I noticed that it hurt substantially less and by 7 weeks or so, there was no pain anymore. You will get there!
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