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Remember the thread about the JR Watkins Detergent?

It was about 6-8 weeks ago I think. Someone found it at Target and was going to try it. Well I did too! Here is my update incase anyone cares:

I found it to work great on stink but I needed to use oxyclean to keep the stains out. Otherwise I LOVE it! My organic inserts are almost as soft as when they were new and the couple prefolds I do wash are always fresh and soft and no microfiber or any type of stink (not that I really had problems with that before anyhow).

Here is what I do, I have a Maytag Epic FL with medium to slightly hard water:
Cold rinse with nothing
Hot wash with one heaping scoop (I think it is a tablespoon) of the JR Watkins
1/4ish scoop of oxyclean versitile (yellow lid)
Just the rinse the machine does (I think it is default to two rinses though).

About every 6 weeks or so I do run a sanitize cycle, but I wouldn't have to, I just like that extra clean once in awhile.

ETA: In case you missed the original thread this is a natural detergent found in a box at Target in their natural cleaning isle, near the Method stuff. It was hard for me to spot at first but I found mine on the top shelf.
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