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Re: What size/part of Kam snaps?

Aaah. Now I understand. I didn't read carefully enough.

Yeah, you should be able to just buy studs, as PP is showing. To be sure, you can post a pic of the front of your dipes, and we can confirm...if your dipes came with snaps, it's most likely that you have sockets across the front, but if a private individual did it, there is a small chance you have studs across the front. (I did one or two of my conversions that way to balance out the number of parts I was using so I could get more conversions out of one complete set of snaps.)

If I remember right, it's about $3.10 for one set of 100 single shipping. If you don't care about matching colors, I can pull that many out for you from my stash...don't know if regular postage from me would be a tiny bit cheaper than kamsnaps postage, but just wanted to make that offer to you.
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