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UK Laundry detergent for sensitive skin??

I am having issues with detergents. My children and I have super sensitive skin and our commissary isnt very good about keeping the purex free and clear in stock. We have tried all free and clear and it doesnt do a great job on my clothes or diapers. I have also tried tide and that broke our skin out in hives. I am looking for a recommendation for regular clothes as well as something for diapers. I like to wash general laundry on cold wash. Towels, whites, and diapers get hot wash so something that would work in both would be great. I dont mind buying something on the local economy if that is a good suggestion. I just dont understand the types of detergent on the economy. I have never heard of bio/ nonbio before here so I am not familiar with what that means. Thanks for any help.
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