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Re: Pain 3 1/2 weeks in, getting discouraged :(

Aww, Melissa!!! I didn't know you had your little girl! Goes to show how horrible of a stalker I am... She is gorgeous!! Congratulations!!

Now, on to your question...

It DOES get better. The first 5 weeks of nursing Carter were complete and total torture. He was nicknamed Barracuda by one of his nurses when he was in the SCN. I ended up having to use the shield because it hurt way too much. He was a very eager nurser and had a very strong suck as well. The shield sucks, I'm not going to lie. It's messy, inconvenient, can hinder supply, and create a little faux nipple lover. I would stick with it though. Let your nipples heal for a good week or two, and then try to wean her off of using the shield. Go slowly. Take it away for one nursing, then the next day two, etc. I actually would use the shield for the beginning of the nursing session, when he was more "aggressive" at eating, and then take it away after about 5 mins. It took me a little bit over a week to completely wean him off of the shield. He is an awesome nurser now! Just hang in there. Give it time. It's sooo worth it!
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