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Re: April 2010 Lil Peeps!!!

Dawn~ Hooray for getting to see hubby soon!!!!

Stacy~ I can't believe she is standing like that and can walk almost. Totally amazing!

Robyn~ I don't know. Are you totally against giving him purees? Maybe giving him some prunes would help?

I can't get Ash to drink water at all . He won't drink from a sippy and he is getting to old to introduce a bottle. Any thoughts?

AFM: Well Ash is not crawling. He can sit if I sit him up with a boppy pillow around him because when he gets mad he throws himself backwards (thats what the pillow is for). He is rolling all over the place and does the army crawl. Also, just last night he started playing the "drop game" with me as he was sitting in his highchair and this morning he mimicks hubby and me if we stick out our tongue he sticks out his, soooooooo cute!

We are all getting over the flu I have not been this sick in YEARS! I happened to get the worst of it. Luckily the doc called in a prescription for nausea which helped me from puking my guts out every 1/2 hour not to mention all of the 'other' wonderful symptoms that come with contracting the flu. It was awful. So, here we are Thanksgiving day just the hubbs and my two boys to celebrate. Not what was planned but it will be nice and low key
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