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Originally Posted by irelandclover View Post
My son does not qualify by the "standard" but our pedi is pushing it through because he is failure to thrive and we haven't been able to rule out the cause yet. My niece was in the hospital for a very long time last year due to RSV and pneumonia, so we will give be giving him the shot once we get formal approval.
We were denied as well. Our pulmonologist recommended a low dose steroid through a chamber 2x a day to help keep his airway open in the event of any respiratory illness. My son had tracheamalasia and is showing signs of RAD
( reactive airway disease). He used the nebulizer A LOT last winter! We are hoping to be one step ahead with this treatment. The Dr said that here in NJ he sees preemies hospitalized with, or without Synagis. My son is 15 months (13 months corrected)
How did they diagnose failure to thrive? My son is gaining slowly! He is 16.5 lbs. Not on the charts yet.
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