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Re: Infant Eczema?

My ODS had eczema pretty bad at about that age. Same oozy red rash, all over his body, head to toe. He was 3 months old when we started using prescription meds. You're right, DO NOT scrub at it! That will only irritate the skin more! You can try hydrocortisone plus a thick cream twice a day, we used Eucerin before the Rx. We also used Cetaphil liquid to bathe him. That helped, but the Rx was what made the difference. Triamcinolone (mild steroid), Vanicream (heavy moisturizer) plus Cetaphil finally cleared it up. Once we got it under control, we just did the Vanicream 2x daily. When he'd start to flare, we used a tiny bit of the steroid to keep ahead of it. We also switched to fragrance free detergent for everyone, he only wore 100% cotton clothing and we tried to keep him from scratching. He used to rub his face on my shoulder or the floor when it got bad At times we had to give him a bit of Benedryl so he could get relief. The good news is he outgrew it by a year old and his skin looks great now at 3.5.
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