Thread: Infant Eczema?
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Re: Infant Eczema?

It's not likely a food allergy then, but he might be sensitive to something in his formula...Though the throwing up could be unrelated...It can take weeks for infant eczema to clear up, even with the creams..And then he may have flare-ups throughout the first couple years of his life anyways...I like the idea of a humidifier in his room since it can also just be caused from a lack of moisture...The toughest part of infant eczema is it has so many causes, and each cause needs to be treated a different way, but it's so tough to determine what your cause may be...That's where the RX comes in handy...
I'm sensitive to the chemicals used in most lotions so I would try something more naturally based. A previous person mentioned Cetaphil...That's what m dermatologist recommended for ODS too...It's a good one too...And worth trying...
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