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5-week old napping too long?

How long is too long for a 5-week old to nap during the day? My baby boy is a great sleeper. My first son was NOT a good sleeper and woke up at least 8 times a night for the first year. I would nurse him back to sleep and that became a habit for him. Now my new son started sleeping for long periods of time during the first week we brought him home--and that was at night! I did wake him to feed him like all the books say to do so my milk supply was not jeopardized. But now I just let him sleep until I become so engorged and can't take it anymore. I have an oversupply and a strong let-down, so no supply issues here. I guess I'm just not used to all this sleeping and I'm wondering if it's okay? I think the longest he's napped during the day is 3 hours at a time, because I end up waking him. But he takes multiple naps like this. He is very fussy in the evenings and cluster feeds. Is all this okay?
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