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Re: Anyone have a child with food allergies?

I happen to be allergic to eggs and am lactose intolerant, also have a tomatoe allergy. Any how it is really hard to eliminate these things from diets especially eggs because they in are everything - lets see for milk rice milk is what I would do, I am sensitive to soy so I do not do soy milk. Wheat is also very hard to eliminate but can be done for instance there are bread stores here where I live that have gluten free breads for those with wheat allergies.
My DD has a milk protein allergy but is not old enough for solids yet so I have not explored any routes with her yet.
I have not found any websites that really help. I have to read labels carefully and make sure that there are not these items in the ingrediants. I have to make most of our food at home since it is so hard to get restaturants and fast foods places to tell you all the ingrediants in their foods!
Sorry I could not be more help but it is rough trying to find stuff to make to eat when allergies are involved!
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