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Re: Infant Eczema?

Originally Posted by WhiteRockMom View Post
Thanks ladies. I'm just so sad I let DH scrub him so much It was pretty oozy this morning when he woke up at 4AM. Now its dried and must be really itchy. He rubs his face on my shoulder and constantly rubs his little face. Its not yet 8AM here so I put some more baby oil on it and that calmed him down (since thats all I have).

Once the drug store opens (and DH gets up with DD) I am going to go to the store and get some hydrocortisone, eucerin, and unscented detergent. Its mostly on his face but I will switch detergents (we use Tide) for him. I'll let it go for a day and if it doesnt look any better I am taking him to the DR.

Since I dont BF I dont think it would be a food allergy although I'm not sure. He has been throwing up in the evenings as well. But its only with his last bottle and has been happening for the last 3-4 nights.

My poor little man
Huh, I wonder if that's why my eczema-y little guy would rub his face all over my shoulder/chest, too. Our pedi recommended Cetaphil, I think, plus the steroid cream I need to pick up tomorrow. again!
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