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Re: Infant Eczema?

Mama, I'm DDCC, but even if he's formula fed, it can definitely be a food sensitivity. Dairy is probably the most common culprit for infant eczema, with soy being a close second, and most regular infant formulas are either dairy- or soy-based.

It is not an easy road, but it is such a relief when your baby's skin starts to clear--I have been there with my DD. We tried creams and while hydrocortisone would clear it up temporarily, I was uncomfortable using it for long periods of time because it can thin the skin. Nothing else really made a difference until I made some dietary changes.

If he's on a dairy-based formula, can you try him on a formula that is soy-based or vice versa? It takes a couple of weeks to see improvement, actually, so give it a bit of time. If neither of those changes work, then you might want to try an elemental formula that is neither dairy nor soy.
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