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Re: Another eczema question..edited: look at pics??

That definitely looks like excema - both of my children have it, and quite severely. Now that it is winter time, they get lots of flares. I was advised by my Dr. to not bathe them super frequently (we bathe every other day) and lube them up really well after a bath. We use Aveeno Oatmeal Bath during the winter and then wash them with Aveeno Dry Skin wash. I have tried just about every dry skin/excema lotion on the market, and actually I have gotten the best results from using The Body Shop's Shea Nut Body Butter - its extremely thick and it stays on the skin for longer than lotions.

In the instances when my kids have a REALLY bad patch, I have to use a prescription steroid cream to treat the area until its healed.

I use Simplicity detergent - I buy it at our Walmart and its not terribly expensive! The problem with excema, is every kids skin is different, and there is a lot of trial and error when it comes to finding lotions and washes that won't irritate them! HTH!!
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