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Re: Getting past the biting?

Don't quit nursing because of it PLEASE!!!! It goes away, the first time my son bit me, I flicked him in the mouth. I know that it was wrong but I did it on reaction not on purpose. He wouldn't eat for like 24 hours and so I let him go on strike nad finally I squirted him in the mouth with my milk and he licked his lips and resumed nursing. Some people would have stopped nursing and said that he 'stopped nursing on his own' but that is BS. They don't do that, it is gradual. My DS is 20.5 months and doesn't do it anymore because he knows that I WILL NOT nurse him if he bites. I put him on the floor and VERY STERNLY say NO, Thompson, WE DON'T BITE!!! He hasn't done it in quite a while although he has tried to nibble and we nip that in the bud too!

The most important thing for advice is to realize that this does come and go in fazes and don't give up! Think of all the AWESOME things about extended BF! It gets better! Hang in there!

ETA: I would not ever flick him in the mouth on purpose so don't think that I am mean or anything. It happened once and NEVER again! i FELT SO BAD!

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