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Re: Public nursing: How do you do it?

I nurse anywhere, never used a cover. When they are itty and learning to latch (and i have huge boobs), I would turn away to latch and then turn back. I would sit in the back of the church and nurse my 4th when he was 2 and the old ladies would come up and stroke his couldn't even tell he was nursing. I don't have any nursing shirts and they were a pain in general, so I just lift my shirt. If I am sitting super close to someone, like in a pew, I take the burp cloth and lay it on top of my shirt, but not on the baby or anything, just like at the top of my breast.
I have nursed 5 babies all over the place, stores, WDW, etc. One time a walmart worker told me I would be more comfortable in a dressing room or bathroom (I was sitting on a bench in the middle of the store, nursing a newborn with 2 toddlers contained in the grocery cart safely). I just looked at her and told her I was perfectly comfortable right there, thank you
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