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Re: Infant Eczema?

My yds had it really bad to the point he would randomly scratch his cheek till it was bleeding. I had many months of socks over his hands and lots of trials with salves, lotions, ect.. What helped for him was hydrocortisone cream, but when discontinued it would flare back up. I researched flax oil for inflamation as an alternative to the steroid cream. It worked wonders and it never came back. This was around 8-9 months old.

Our poor little baby girl has it moderately now. I'm testing an herbal salve I made just for this sort of thing on her. It is keeping it from getting really bad, and if I could slow down in life enough to apply it more often it may go away. If not back to the drawing board for my salve and I'll be trying flax oil and steroid creams next.

Coconut oil is really therapeutic for skin. In between med applications for those of us who are using Meds as it can help keep the skin moisturized without grease. It absorbs quick.

Also... I've noticed that baby's saliva from sucking hands and rubbing face cause the same effect on the hands/fingers and also worsens it on the face. So I keep the hands covered.

Good luck!
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