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Re: weekly HN thread

I taught my son (toddler) to self-soothe..but he's not HN and it wasn't all that difficult....but he somehow forgot and the only way I can get him to sleep for nap or bedtime is to sit with him and watch a movie that he likes. We saw the ped the other day to rule out ear infection (in my HN 10mo old), and...I asked for a 2nd opinion (diff. ped) for an issue that the previous ped had a problem with...the ped we saw for his 9mo appt asked how his sleeping was...and he just went off on this wild tangent and made me really mad...anyway, got a 2nd opinion from a diff ped the other day and he didn't agree with the "diagnosis" but pretty much agreed with the "treatment". First ped prescribed an antihistamine as a sleeping aid...I did NOT get it filled. He said to use the drug and use CIO. 2nd ped said no drugs, but to where you go in at certain intervals....and i just told him...well, really this is a nonissue for me...I'm used to his night waking and it doesn't bother me....i only wanted a 2nd opinion to reassure me that his sleeping issues weren't something more serious. 10 mo old (HN) is NOT a self soother and I doubt he'll ever be! I'm not convinced that his sleeping issues aren't something more serious..but I don't think it's apnea or anything like that...i'm thinking more along the lines of an adhd type of thing. And please don't anyone take that the wrong way....I do think he'll be adhd, but I'm not wanting to jump on the medication band wagon....not that there is anything WRONG with meds, and not that there is anything right with them either! I hope I don't get flamed
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