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Re: weekly HN thread

I have 2 kiddos. One is HN and the other is the complete opposite. My HN's child will be 3 in October and still cannot soothe herself, and i doubt she ever will be able to. I find this topic incredibly interesting as my mother tells me i was a HN child (and sometimes still am as an adult) and at times I still cannot self-soothe. Meaning, at times in my life when the worst happens i just need my mom or my dh by my side. I was what the docs tried to classify as ADD but my mother smartly always refused meds. My daughter is incredibly full throttle but i wouldnt classify her as ADD. I also notice then when i am committed 100% to her every need and giving her fulfillment and attention (ie not getting frustrated with her when she cries because she tripped for the 50th time lol) that her needs seem to be easier for me to handle. This is why i never allowed CIO either. Im going off here lol. Sorry! As i said, at times im still HN myself.
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