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Re: Synagis....

I am finding some bad stuff about the is 104 suspected deaths:

As far as the effectiveness I can only find things saying it is pretty effective.

But I know there are a lot of preemie deaths as a result of RSV too...I wish I had a magic answer. I have had two 33 week babies and both have had RSV and double pneumonia and it was horrible they neither one had the shots because one of them was born April 1st at the end of RSV season and the other was born August 4th and would be 5+ months old during RSV season, the pedi never pushed it but this time I am expecting a Jan-Feb baby...I have a feeling I need to at least seriously look in to it

I wish I had a magic answer...I guess I am finding some bad and good things I have to see if the benefits outweigh the risk now. Boo!
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