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Mucous plug?

I lost my mucous plug about 2 hrs ago... (TMI alert)

I never lost my plug that i recall with my other 2 babies, but this was very thick stretchy glob of whitish/pale yellow and a LOT more than 'normal' discharge.

Now, 2 hrs later I find myself with some discomfort. I am having off/on cramping in my lower abdomen and a constant whole tightening of my whole belly... I would think BH, right? But the tightening doesn't seem to go away and it's been 15 mins of it. Hmmm. Not terribly painful, but no where near comfortable!

I am almost 36w, so it's a bit early for me. I have a history of going eary, both my kiddos were born at 38w (one induced, one natural).

What do you think? I have a call into my dr but they didn't seem concerned since I have an appt tomorrow afternoon and just told me to take it easy today.

Am I going into labor already or is this all totally normal?
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