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Re: when you and DH disagree?

hey mama!! Just nurse. If DH tries to offer the bottle, tell him you're not ready, ect. My DS never took a bottle. Now DH is like "W/this baby you gotta wean by 6 months, so they'll sleep, or give formula before bed, ect ect. "
Nope. I'm the one giving my time to nurse the babe, you don't need to worry about it! Besides that, formula only adds about 1 extra hour of sleep, or so I've read.
That said, keep putting LO to your breast as often as possible. If you suppliment fine, but I would try not to "top off" w/a bottle. Just put the babe on again after half an hour; it's all about supply and demand.
If you need some extras; eat lots of oatmeal (I made oatmeal cookies and had a good excuse to eat a lot of them at once! ) or fenugreek. I started that when DS was 6 months; took 6 pills a day and that was a great help.
Good luck!
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