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slow rising hCG level question

I did a FET, only had 3 embryo so this will be our last shot. Anyway Doc transferred 2 good embryos. I had my first hCG level 12/15 (date of conception would be considered 11/30) Anyway level was 63, PREGNANT! So excited. Went back again Friday, 12/17 level was only 91. Clinic said it should have gone up by at least 70%. Nurse told me to perpare myself it didn't look good. I go again on Tuesday to have my level checked again. I've been crying a lot and having a hard time trying to stay positive. I've been reading on the internet about the whole doubling every 2-3 days thing and I feel even worse now. So my question, has anyone ever heard of levels being this low and slow rising and still ending with a normal pregancy?

praying for a healthy baby!
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