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Wink Re: TTC While BFING Dec 19-25 :)

Originally Posted by Mpierce View Post
Jenn - I just restart my thing each month. I'm not actually CD 8. I always start a new chart on the 7th of the month but I don't have a period at all so I don't really have a place to start. It's just the easiest for me to keep track of. The woman I've been working with said it's possible that it would affect my temps until my body was used to having any progesterone in it at all. I don't know if that makes sense or not. Plus I was able to start the prog right when my body was "trying" to O so we think it just pushed it over the edge, like I had been trying to O for about a week by then.
I am so sorry.. I completely forgot that AF hasn't came back yet

Originally Posted by BrittBBT View Post
Oh, I meant to ask... all of you using progesterone... I know it's available online and at GNC I think. Do you think it would make me O? When are you supposed to use it??
Idk about that Prog that all the other ladies are taking but the one I was prescribed by my MW was to induce AF BUT I do know that some ladies on here take it to lengthen their LP..I am not so sure about helping you O .. I hope that made sense
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