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Re: TTC While BFING Dec 19-25 :)

Originally Posted by BrittBBT View Post
Oh, I meant to ask... all of you using progesterone... I know it's available online and at GNC I think. Do you think it would make me O? When are you supposed to use it??
I got my at in their GNC section. It was cheaper than buying it at
Amazon also sells some.

Originally Posted by angel0123 View Post
no expert but progesterone is the hormone that take over after O... so it would be used to lengthen your lp.
(correct me if I am wrong ladies)
This is how I've always heard you were supposed to use it.
The ONLY other way I've heard that it is useful for TTC is to cause a withdrawal AF once it is stopped.

I know the first time I used it when ttc #2 I did not know you had to wait till after O and it prevented O that cycle the same way taking the progesterone only BC pills would have prevented O.
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