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Re: SC Medicaid no longer covering routine circumcision!

Originally Posted by pcjs View Post
So, again, where is the line drawn where you begin to impose your values on someone else and deny them the right to make an informed choice for their child? Our gov't pays for all kinds of crazy things they probably should and for those of us who don't get tax breaks & credits it sucks but that's life and it is what it is. But, I personally want the choice as I want people like my son's birthparents to be able to make the choice for their children (and yes, they consulted us).
First of all, I have yet to meet anyone who chose to routinely circumcise a newborn and was truly informed about the procedure, the risks, and the functions of the foreskin. That doesn't make them bad people; just uninformed. Most had never even heard of meatal stenosis, for instance, even though their circumcised son stands an uncomfortably high chance of requiring another surgery in childhood to correct this condition. If the child is on Medicaid, in fact, there's a good chance that the taxpayers will not only pay for the original circumcision, they'll also have to pay for either a circumcision revision or a meatal stenosis repair a short time later. You're talking about a potential tax burden of thousands of dollars per child.

I'm not sure why you're going on and on about choice. You would still have the choice. You would just have to foot the bill yourself. Don't want to pay for it? Don't have your children's normal, healthy body parts removed. Can't pay for it? It happens. But there's nothing wrong with your child in the first place, so no reason that taxpayers (or anyone else) should pay to have him fixed.

Values don't play into this. It's about facts, and the facts clearly indicate that routine circumcision removes healthy, functioning tissue from an unconsenting person. It's also an incomparably stressful procedure, even with anesthesia. There's no way around any of that. I understand that parents who choose to circumcise truly believe that they are doing what's best for their children, but unfortunately that doesn't make them informed or correct in their beliefs.

Edit: I would also argue that removing your son's healthy, normal foreskin is imposing your values pretty strongly on him, isn't it? It certainly denies him the right to ever be able to make an informed choice about his own body. I don't say that to be offensive or sarcastic, only to point out that bemoaning the idea of having someone else take your choices away isn't the best tack to take when you want to argue your "right" to do the same to your child. On somebody else's dime, no less.

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