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Re: SC Medicaid no longer covering routine circumcision!

Originally Posted by pcjs View Post
So, basically, we should go down the list of every health insurance and if someone doesn't believe the treatment is "morally" right then the insurance shouldn't pay. I think that's very close minded for a group that prides themselves on being open-minded but I guess openminded is only open as long as you believe specific beliefs. So, where does the insurance should not pay for XXX. Do we stop paying for IVF? That could be considered elective???? Maybe you all should lobby tricare and insurance company's to stop paying for that or heavily subsidizing that? Parenting technically is not a right? Maybe we should stop paying for cancer treatment? If cancer consumes ones body, maybe it was meant to be that that person should die? For those liking alternative medicines - chiropractors, mid-wives, and anything out of the "norm" should health care stop paying for that too?
IVF is NOT paid for by insurance in most cases, people have to PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES.

I go to the chiropractor weekly and I PAY FOR IT MYSELF because my insurance doesn't cover it.

Cancer treatment is NECESSARY to keep people from dying. Circumcision CAUSES death.

Circumcision isn't just morally wrong, it's physically unnecessary. It is taking a healthy body part away from a baby boy for NO reason. It is NOT your penis, so leave it alone!
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