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Re: SC Medicaid no longer covering routine circumcision!

Originally Posted by pcjs View Post
Tricare pays for Chiropractors - I was offered one - turned it down as its not something I am comfortable with but the point is - to me, that's elective, just as infertility - so really, anything elective should be cut out by the standards posted here. Infertility may be a medical condition, but should insurance pay for it as it isn't a right to be a parent so why should insurance pay for it - that's 100% elective.

There are medical reasons, including infections and preventing infections and I know kids via my job who have had to have circ. at ages 2-6 because of them.

To me its no different than any other elective procedure and its a personal choice that I don't think someone has a right to decide for someone else.
They absolutely do not. They only pay for chiropractors at MTF facilities for ACTIVE DUTY personnel. Believe me, if they paid for it I wouldn't be paying for it myself.

ANd to the bolded...REALLY? I cannot believe you just said that!!! So it's okay to decide FOR a baby boy who has no choice? You contradict yourself every other sentence.

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