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Re: SC Medicaid no longer covering routine circumcision!

Originally Posted by KaleidoscopeEyes View Post
Hopefully your son doesn't grow up to resent you for taking his body part away forever without his consent. dont bother responding, I wont be seeing any more of your posts

Thank you for that, I was just going to say something to the same effect.

And I sure hope your poor little boy doesn't get made fun of in the locker room, you know that circ is only 33% in the US and rapidly dropping...he's going to look DIFFERENT!

Edit: I would also argue that removing your son's healthy, normal foreskin is imposing your values pretty strongly on him, isn't it? It certainly denies him the right to ever be able to make an informed choice about his own body. I don't say that to be offensive or sarcastic, only to point out that bemoaning the idea of having someone else take your choices away isn't the best tack to take when you want to argue your "right" to do the same to your child. On somebody else's dime, no less.
Awesome post.

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