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38 Week Checkup!

We had our 38 week checkup today!! We FINALLY got to do a dialation check--I'm 2 CMs dialated! My doctor also said that I was 50% "thinned out".... he seemed pleased...but he wouldn't tell me "Good show... maybe one more week"... or "Don't get your hopes up for going early, kid."... doctors...

Does this sound like good progress at 38 weeks with my first baby?

My doctor is a funny fella though. We sat down to discuss my birth plan and he stopped and said, out of the blue "I am so excited about your cervix!".... We all just busted out laughing... I asked him if he wanted that on a t-shirt. I didn't mention I've been taking Evening Primrose Oil every which way and Red Raspberry Leaf Caplets.... and doing the "get-the-baby-out" dance any time possible!

Just wanted to share the good? news! Come on, Sam!!!
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