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Question DS has has diarrhea for >1 month...doc wants him on soy formula?

i've never heard of a kid having diarrhea for this long but my 10 month old has had anywhere from 1-6 runny poops since thanksgiving day. some days it's not so bad and we think he's finally getting over it and then there are days like yesterday where he had 4 dirty diapers before noon! he is EBF and does eat solids but we have no history of food allergies in our family. he is totally himself and perfectly fine except for the explosive fever or vomiting.

the pedi ran tests on his stool and everything came back negative so her advice was to put him on soy formula and B.R.A.T. foods for about 3 days and she thinks that will clear it up.

it is tempting to follow her advice and be done with this mess but i have never given my babies one drop of seems to go against my intuition KWIM?

i'm hoping someone here has been through this and can offer some advice

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