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Re: DS has has diarrhea for >1 month...doc wants him on soy formula?

been there, done that!

if your doc thinks that it is a dairy issue, then cut ALL dairy out of YOUR diet as well as his and go with the BRAT foods for a few days. It may take a week or so for your diet to affect his bowel movements, so if it's not bothering him (e.g., he's gaining weight, getting taller, etc.) then don't rush into anything!

take it from me - i was told to quit nursing cold-turkey at 6 months old and it still breaks my heart that there wasn't anyone around to tell me that i could just alter my own diet and keep breastfeeding. (this was with my first, who is now 15!)

also, does he still nurse from both breasts at each nursing? you could try to keep it to one side at each time, it may only be a milk sugar issue, not food!
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