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Re: vitamin drops

I've never given them to such a young baby...they should be getting everything they need from BM or formula, they really don't need any more added vitamins. They get more than they need from BM and formula.

My DS who is 18 months does take vitamin drops (Poly-Vi-Sol with Iron) and he started them a few months ago when I was told by the Early Intervention Nutritionist to do so because of his eating problems. He has Sensory Integration Disorder and he doesn't eat much so they felt he needed the vitamins and extra iron (which makes him more constipated). I've never given any of the others vitamins until they were older toddlers and eating foods and I would give them 1/2 a chewable vitamin.

Maybe you should check in with your pedi and tell him/her what is going on...they will prob suggest you stop them until he is a little older. Sounds like they might be upsetting his little tummy...poor baby! I see him in your avitar...beautiful baby!
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