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Re: WHY do mamas sell items for double or more than they paid?

Originally Posted by rrandle
Yes, I'm really sorry to say this and I hope no one takes offense, but I get tired of these threads about people selling for more. If I sell something to someone else and they can turn around and get more for it well then good for them. I really don't understand the big deal. To me if people are getting upset it's because they are jealous that they didnt' ask for the money that the other person is getting now.
I have never followed up on an item that I have sold, I dont' have time... or the energy to even remember what I've sold or for how much!
One thing that really frustrates me about these conversations about this topic is that people forget we live in a country with a FREE MARKET and we in America and other countries are built on the principle of capitalism. When we start trying to take away peoples ability to generate profit and instead demand that subscribe to our economic ideals (in this case, not selling for more than you bought for) I think we really start to abandon ship on the whole free market thing... and that's sad. It really irks me actually...maybe it's the business/econ degree in me, but I just am very bothered by this.
That all being said, I've never sold for more than what I've bought for, but I mostly buy new because I think there is too much drama involved in the FSOT lately.
I don't think a pm is neccessary. If it is so upsetting, sell your stuff for more, kwim? I'm not trying to offend anyone, I *understand* the argument but I just really disagree with it.

I totally understand this thinking, but this is Diaper swappers not Diaper Walmart. Businesses operate for the greater good and make a profit all the time. Just because a blind kid will pay $20 for your dead bird..should you really sell it to them. (Dumb and dumber) If you don't have a code or set of ethics then sites like this are pointless. WE could just all buy fuzzy whatevers and forget about WAHM.
I truly hope individuals choose to buy and sell cloth diapers for reasons other than simply profit. I love that I am reusing something instead of just throwing another piece of garbage away. That being said, all you can do is remember who overprices, purchase your items from others and tell all your friends who does the over pricing. If a mama can't remember a price by a dollar or two big deal, we all suffer from ADD sometimes, but if she is intentionally doubling a price then she should open a big blocky chain store. JMO...I don't mean to offend.
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