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Re: Am I being unreasonable? (sorry...long)

OMG! that's just horrible - like my worst nightmare. Thankfully both my mom & MIL would never even ask about being present for the birth. I totally don't blame you for not wanting to have them present for L&D or visiting until you're darn good and ready for them to come. When DD was born we were fortunate enough to be living a long way away from both sets of parents and told them that we didn't want any visitors for the first couple of weeks. That worked out great - they might have grumbled to themselves, but by the time they came I was actually looking forward to the visit not dreading it. We also didn't call to tell anyone I was in labor - we called them after she was born. The next time around I'm not sure how it will go b/c we now live close to the in-laws and will most likely need them to take care of DD. So we can't exactly sneak off to the hospital. I'm still thinking I don't want hospital visitors or even house visitors for a while's just too important a time for bonding for all of you (you, dh, and both kids).

anyway, good luck sticking to your guns.
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