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Re: Breast & Bottlefeeding...any success??

We've had no problems switching back and forth. I knew I was going back to work and wanted to BF as long as possible.

My suggestions:

1) Try it first when LO isn't super hungry. Maybe wake her up early and let her try or after she eaten a bit on the boob and isn't super frantic. It's a learning experience for the baby. Think about someone trying to get you learn something new and you're really hungry. Easiest when baby is happy and relaxed.

2) Have DH or other person offer bottle. If needed, leave room or house. I think babies know where the good stuff comes from. Why bother with ckicken dinner when steak is right there.

3) Have DH or other keep giving bottles. Baby will learn you're for the good stuff and others give bottles.

I can now (LO - 5 months old) give her a bottle or BF. She prefers BF. If I'm holding a bottle she'll turn away from it and go to the boob.

4) Try different bottles.
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