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UPDATED- Please help my baby wont breast feed and midwife says to give up :(

UPDATED page 8

Let me start by saying this will be long winded but I want to give the thorough info, also I am seeking out help so please do not attack me for the methods used so farm thanks.

I am having a multitude of feeding issues with my 13 day old son and these started at birth. I have tried since birth to breast feed him the past few days I have pretty much given up but it breaks my heart and I want to tray again I am hoping you can help me. As of now I was told to pump every 4 hours and suppliment by mixing in a special hypoallergenic formula that mimics breast milk (and costs close to 20 dollars a small box).

The main issue is latch and supply. I was told my nipples are inverted and given contact sheilds. Now he will latch on occasionally yesterday he even did both sides, but 9 times out of 10 he shakes his head back and forth violently or latches and drops over and over again. He then gets frustrated and turns red and arches his back and screams until we give him a bottle. When he does latch on he is not getting more then 30 grams (we had to weight him before and after meals).

At first they told me to just let him go hungry in the hospital, but then his birth rate dropped too much so they said we had to give him formula and work on increasing my supply by pumping. We did so but i still had issues getting him to latch.

Once home the midwife said to stop the pumping and just breast feed him and if needed to top up with formula, but he would not latch he just got upset. So she said to do a few days of just pumping and feeding. We did that, and at the last visit she said I am not producing enough anyway so we will have to give him formula no matter what.

In regards to pumping the left breast flows well, but the right is engorged and half the time will not even express.

At the final visit with the midwife she said pretty much to pump 4 times a day and once at night or skip at night and to supplement with formula every meal. She pretty much said to give up on ever getting him on the breast.

I am not in an area with LLL, so I do not know where to turn. I really want this to work for us, and ideally get him more breast milk at least even if it has to be in bottle form. But I really want him to drink from the breast and I don't know what to do when everyone tells me to just give up.
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