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Re: Please help my baby wont breast feed and midwife says to give up :(

mama! Dont give up! You can do this. I suggest you get a SNS (supplemtental Nursing System) that way he is getting immediate gratification from the SNS while stimulating your supply at the same time. It doesn't matter what you put in the SNS. It can be formula or BM.
He is more than likely arching, screaming and pulling off because he is frustrated that the milk isn't flowing fast enough like it does from a bottle. Babies are lazy and like immediate gratification!
THe bottle hangs around your neck like a necklace and you can adjust the flow by moving it up and down.

Also I would make sure you are getting lots of fluids and try eating oatmeal. They also have mothers milk tea to help increase your supply. Also fenugreek will help to boost your supply as well. You will smell like maple syrup though.

I am pretty sure that you can use the sns with the nipple shield.

Lots of skin to skin contact will also help boost your supply and get DS wanting to nurse. Strip him down to his diaper and put him up next to your bare chest.

I would also pump more frequently than every 4 hours. I would go at least every night I would go every 4.

Good luck mama and keep us posted!
Your doing a great job!!!!
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