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Re: Am I being unreasonable? (sorry...long)

I am right there with you! I am the same way. I dont want anyone around unless I asked them to be around and I dont want ANYONE around my new baby! I am very protective LOL. I like not having family around to deal with on these issues! but with my 1st 2 I had family all around... my mom was in the delivery room with my 1st as well as my husband, then my MIL, FIL all came piling in during and right after birth! With my 2nd I was still near family and had my husband, my sister, my mom in the room, I finally kicked my mom out... with my 3rd I just had my husband in the room as we were in another state by then but I did have a friend try and visit and the nurses turned her away... I never called her to come visit but she knew I was delivering that day (induction) ... no one saw the baby in the hospital! with my 4th it was just been me and dh and my oldest was out in the waiting room. As soon as Jacob was born ds came in to the room to see him. With my 5th it was only me and dh and the other kids did not come to the hospital till the next day ( these were late night deliveries).

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