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Re: nursing aaaaaaaaaaall night long!

Originally Posted by libbylou62 View Post
so DS is 4 months old now, and we bed share and feed on demand. Until just lately, a couple of times a night he would get restless, i would wake up, sit up, feed him, change his diaper, then try and settle us back into bed ..recently, since we've become nursing ninjas (lol it took us a loooong time to get the hang of nursing!), i've discovered that i can just roll with him from side to side and feed him right in the bed. This causes way less disruption for everone and everybody's loving it. The only thing is, usually we both just fall back to sleep while he is latched on so that he spends more time latched on than not ..this doesn't bother me at all, i find nursing all night much less disruptive than getting up once or twice, but my question is, is it okay for him? i can't think of any reason why i wouldn't be, i just thought i'd ask some more experienced mamas to make sure. I don't want to ask my pediatrician, as bedsharing is officially bad.
I did this for months with my son and it worked out awesome for both of us and my husband. The only thing that backfired was the sadness that ensued when we finally put him in his own bed in his own room. That killed me.
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