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Re: Infant Eczema?

Originally Posted by VeganCupcake View Post
Mama, I'm DDCC, but even if he's formula fed, it can definitely be a food sensitivity. Dairy is probably the most common culprit for infant eczema, with soy being a close second, and most regular infant formulas are either dairy- or soy-based.

It is not an easy road, but it is such a relief when your baby's skin starts to clear--I have been there with my DD. We tried creams and while hydrocortisone would clear it up temporarily, I was uncomfortable using it for long periods of time because it can thin the skin. Nothing else really made a difference until I made some dietary changes.

If he's on a dairy-based formula, can you try him on a formula that is soy-based or vice versa? It takes a couple of weeks to see improvement, actually, so give it a bit of time. If neither of those changes work, then you might want to try an elemental formula that is neither dairy nor soy.

I'm just now seeing this (been absent for a while... ), but yes, this. My experience exactly - and Seamus was FF. His skin cleared up as soon as we weaned off formula at a year old (he never would drink milk). He tested positive for milk allergy. He's outgrown it mostly, but still can't drink milk (it makes his face break out in a rash).
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