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Re: Infant Eczema?

Well, thanks for all the advice ladies. We are still struggling to overcome his skin problems. It seems that his face issue is seborrheic dermatitis (craddle cap). I'm not sure if it is diary related. I'm nervous about switching formulas (dont know why).

We have tried creams (barrier cream, glaxal base, penetan, all forms of 'natural' diaper rash cream, etc etc). We have switched from Goodstart to Enfamil A+ (someone in a health food store said DS's pH might be off... I dont know). I dont know if we are giving each enough time or not (probably not)...

He's obviously very uncomfortable and constantly trying to itch his face and scalp off. We are going back to the Dr on Tuesday.

ugh, it's so frustrating and I feel so helpless.
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