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Re: Anyone in Utah?

Originally Posted by Little Bugs Boutique View Post
LOL. How far are you from Bountiful? One of my good friends who CDs lives there. I guess I've just been lucky to run into other crunchy moms...besides the 2 in my ward, I post on a private LDS mom board where at least 7 of the 25ish members have or do CD. I think I'm the most "into" it of any of them though....I'm the only one who does wool or tries sewing dipes.
Bountiful is probably about a 20ish min drive from me, but not too bad! I keep dreaming of the day another hippy mama (as DH calls me) moves into my ward.

Originally Posted by catilina View Post
Hi Jeannette (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong...Sorry!). I think I've met you at a LLL meeting in Ogden before. Where in Layton are you? I'm not too far from north/east Layton. Not walking distance, but not far (in South Weber)!
Spelled it right! I wasn't sure who you are since my brain is missing the part that remembers names, but I clicked on your blog link, found a pic of you, and I totally remember you! You had those homemade cloth wipes that you were showing Emily who was pregnant at the time, and I remember I thought they seemed too small but you said you really liked them that size. I've been going to LLL in Layton ever since they started it up here again but I'm impressed you remember me from that one time. I'm near the Target in Layton (what is that, west Layton? central Layton? ), but South Weber can't be much more than a 10 min drive. We should have a play-date! And I'm thinking I should try to come to LLL in Ogden sometime. Do you go to the one in Downtown Ogden still, or a different one? My friend Deann likes the one in South Ogden (at least I think that's the one she said she goes to).

Holy...ramble on the Utah thread. Sorry ladies.
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